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French polishing is a wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface, with a deep colour and reflective nature. It is softer than modern polishes and is particularly sensitive to spills of water or alcohol, which often produce white cloudy marks. Our service can restore the finish, blending the polish on the damaged areas seamlessly into the rest of the piece.


Which Polish is right for my antique furniture ?


 Pale shellac is a clear French polish that produces a superb finish to bring out the natural beauty of the grain, ideally suited for lighter colour wood like Ash, Maple or Beech , but it is commonly used as a top coat on dark colour shellac finishes to build up the depth to the finish. Pale Polish is colourless and transparent shellac and is made from the finest quality pale de-waxed shellac and is suitable for the most delicate work and for preserving the colour on inlays and marquetry work.


Button Polish is a high quality, durable French polish that is commonly applied by brush. Produces a rich, golden brown colour that has a pleasingly warm effect on pale / bleached or new wood.  Button polish is the least refined type of shellac French polish, but it is the most durable and is a traditional favourite .


Melamine Polish its often called in the trade a modern French Polish, but its unlike traditional French Shellac polish, because Melamine Polish is made from a blend of French polish with a modern resin (melamine) in simple terms the melamine just make French polish a bit tougher! the blended finish is then more resistant to both heat and alcohol, whilst still giving the French polish high gloss finish. Melamine Polish has many uses as an interior wood finish, its most commonly used in the furniture industry on items like tables & chairs.

Whether your dining table requires French polishing due to a water ring, burn mark, scuff or a scratch.  A Sideboard with dents or deterioration requiring a new spray finish, chest of drawers, cabinet damaged - even a suite just looking tired needing a new lease of life, it can be resolved for you here at Barrdale Furniture Restoration.

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Our Restoration Services Include:

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  • Cane & Rush Seating
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  • Desktop Re-leathering
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